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A few tidbits about what else was happening in 1915...

President: Woodrow Wilson
Vice President: Thomas Marshall

Albert Einstein developed The Theory of Relativity.

The British Lusitania was sunk.

25,000 people marched in suffrage parade in New York City.

The first telephone connection is made between the US and Japan.

Frank Sinatra (December 12th)
Don Budge (June 13th)
Kitty Carlisle (September 3rd)
David Rockefeller (June 12th)
Anthony Quinn (April 21st)

The Boston Red Sox win the World Series.

Movies of the time: Birth of a Nation and Carmen
(Academy Awards were not awarded until 1927)

Average annual income: $1,267
Average price of a new car: $390
Average price of a new house: $3,395
Price of gold per ounce: $20.67

How affordable was it to come to San Francisco for the fair?

Visitors and Accommodations
San Francisco has over 2,000 hotels and apartment houses and quite as many are in the trans-bay cities -- Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda. The current reasonable rates will not be increased during the Exposition, is the pledge of the hotel association, which will be fulfilled. Rooms occupied by one person, $1.00 a day up. Rooms with bath, $1.50 up. Lower rates may prevail farther out in the residence section and across the bay, especially by the week. Arrangements can be made in advance by writing to "Bureau of Conventions and Societies, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco." State exactly the accommodations desired, when you plan to arrive, how long you expect to remain, what you will pay, and other information wished for. It is proposed to put foresighted visitors in direct communication with the people where they are to stay. In San Francisco generally, meals are quite 20 per cent less than in New York, of same quality; ordinarily, $1.00 a day is ample. Strangers, particularly women unaccompanied, on arriving at the Union Ferry Building, will be met by a member of the reception committee, cared for and directed fully to destination. Any woman of any country reaching San Francisco alone at any hour is absolutely certain of protection. This welfare work organization includes representatives of every nationality and religion and is thoroughly dependable.

Cost of a Week in San Francisco

Rooms occupied by one person may be obtained in San Francisco by the day from $1.00 up. Counting $7.00 per week for room, $7.00 for meals and $6.00 for such incidentals as admissions to the Exposition and street car fare, a week's visit in San Francisco would cost $20. Visitors who make a more protracted stay may economize by engaging quarters by the week or month.

Information provided from the Union Pacific guidebook to
California and the expositions.